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Yes ! As we try to carry all Rearz brand products, it is expected that we will receive the Critter Caboose soon.

No, we will not offer such products.

But there are waterproof plastic pants for swimming pools. We offer the following reference on our shop:

Robin plastic panties

Yes, it is possible, provided the product is in stock.

To receive an email when a product is available again on our site, you must first go to the page of your favorite product, choose the size that suits you, then:

  • If you are not connected: enter your email address in the box provided for this purpose to the right of the product image.
  • If you are logged in: click on the "Be notified when the product is in stock" button. You can then view and manage your alerts in the "Your alerts" tab of your customer account.

We are impatiently awaiting the return of ABU to inform you of an arrival date.

Essential accessory for some or just accessory of games for others, the plastic panties exist for decades.

Product widely used before the invention of the disposable diaper in the 70s, many of us discovered their side ABDL plastic panties, made for babies but also in size child or adolescent for bedwetting or for adult incontinence.

Despite the appearance of the complete exchange since the 80s, PVC panties are still very much loved and requested by many people.

There are several models of plastic panties:

  • Open, with snap fastener
  • Closed (slip on)
  • With an inner net to maintain disposable protection to insert into the panties 
  • Made of different materials ( Pvc, rubber, polyurethane) 

PVC briefs can be used and worn:

  • Skin-deep 
  • With anatomical protection, such as a Form ID 
  • With a straight layer, Molinea pads or Id rectangular 
  • With a full plasticized exchange or an inset exchange 

Several brands are available:

  • Suprima
  • TCSB
  • PVC You Like 

Several sizes and colors are available.

Deliveries 2022

Rearz feb 2022
Nouveautés Kiddo feb 2022
Nouveautés Kiddo March - April 2022
Forsite March - April 2022 
Beyond XP 5000 Summer 2022

Not currently planned

ABU Little Kings
ABU Alphagators

As many of you have seen, by consulting the diaper-minister website, we have been the victim of stock shortages on several products for a few months now.

The causes are multiple. These include the increase in raw materials for the manufacture of layers, the complexity of the production, and especially the logistics of delivery from Asia, which complicate our business as rarely before.

Some of our orders (we are talking about whole containers here) dating from March-April are still in progress. Another container is still blocked in China, as delivery logistics have been completely disrupted since the Covid crisis. In the face of these delays, beyond our control, we ask you to believe that we are doing EVERYTHING possible to reduce delays and solve problems that arise. We seek to have the maximum number of products in stock, and organize our logistics accordingly.

The current situation, which affects many sectors, is primarily related to an unprecedented transport crisis. Just so you know, the tariffs for shipping a container from Asia have increased fivefold in just 18 months. 

In order to avoid being dependent on this situation, we are currently looking for new factories and suppliers in Europe, failing which we are closer to Europe.

The main objective is to make us more reactive and no longer subject to this situation in the long term. 

The entire Diaper-Minister team thanks customers for their loyalty. We are doing our utmost to limit the impact of this crisis, at a time when the supply of products is more numerous and many wish to test different products.