Are you going to sell the Tykables?

Some have noticed this and have already asked us about the Tykables, which we have not sold for more than 3 years.

  • "Why don’t you sell Tykables diapers?"
  • "It would be so good to have the Tykables."
  • "Your site is great but missing the Tykables."

To have brands of diapers in stock, you need the storage space, finances and be authorized by the brand to buy and sell them.

It is, of course, on this last point that it is stuck for the resale of this brand. Since we propose to sell the ABU, Tykables and their distributors refuse any discussions and are completely closed to the idea of reselling us their diapers.

Despite many requests from us in recent years, many refusals have been made without any progress.

Faced with these multiple refusals, we made the choice to stop asking to resell the Tykables and to give up the hope of selling this brand of diapers on our site.

We will continue to offer you other brands of diapers, novelties, exclusivities and everything we can resell, we will do with pleasure.