ABDL Starter-Pack



A "Starter-Pack" to start in the ABDL universe!

With this pack, discover or make discover the essential articles to start well in the world of ABDL. It includes 5 different products:

- 1 Plain bodysuit size M or L, classic collar, short sleeve (random color¹)

- 1 XL adult pacifier (random color¹)

- 8 Diapers size M or L (random ABDL and medical models²)

- 1 Pack of adult diaper wipes

- 2 Inserts

- 2 Bed mats

Price of all items combined in separate purchases: approximately 60 euros including tax.

Save 25%!

¹ Product colors may vary depending on stock. We don't put any pink color products in this pack. The customer cannot request specific colors.

² Layers with or without patterns, laminated or non-woven. We try as far as possible to make a panache of 5 different models. The customer cannot request specific brands or models.

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