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Peekaboo! I see you! Some babies are a little bit shy, and we think that’s super cute, so we just had to put a little bit of that adorable shyness on our brand new ultra-premium diaper.

ABU is proud to present PeekABU, a diaper that is so adorable and absorbent you’ll always have a smile and stay dry longer! Shy and ultra-cute animal characters make a big appearance on PeekABU’s landing zone, just at the right height to peek over and say hello! With a newly designed diaper shell featuring a thinner and lighter construction, super quick-absorb core, never give up tapes, and amazing 6250mL capacity, your worry days for diapers that can’t keep up with you are over!

Size Guide(in cm)
Size  M L XL
Waist 65 - 100 90 - 125 110 - 145

Product Details

Absorption (ml) 6250
printed design Yes
Backing Plastic
Fasteners 4 Stickers
Units per pack 10
Diaper design White with printed front band
Wetness indicator No
main color(s) White

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