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We are impatiently awaiting the return of ABU to inform you of an arrival date.

Returns are your responsibility , we only take unopened packages , or for a size problem , 

Please contact us by Email before each return request:


more informations : https://www.diaper-minister.com/en/content/29-right-of-withdrawal

Cancellation of your order is not possible before receipt of your parcel.

Your 14-day right of withdrawal begins upon receipt of the goods, as stipulated in article L221-18 of the French Consumer Code.
For further information (in french): https://www.economie.gouv.fr/particuliers/droit-delai-retractation#

You can also visit this page for more information:
"right of withdrawal" 

Diaper Minister is not a large company with automated processes, so handling cancellations takes time, which slows down the shipping process for all customers.
If you place an order, it's assumed that you want the products and have the means to buy them.

Nevertheless, you have the right to make a mistake (e.g. selecting the wrong size) and we will be happy to modify your order if it's possible.

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No, the name "Diaper-Minister" does not appear. You will be debited by "DRYBOX SAS." the public name of our company.

Our packaging is always neutral, no distinctive sign appears on our boxes. The shipping address is in the name of DRYBOX SAS. in order to guarantee total discretion.

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FAQ General

Yes, it is possible to shop and pay on site on the Saturday open day.

Our shop offers you to leave a review on Trustpilot, a trusted third-party site.

To leave your opinion click here.

To review Trustpilot:

  1. Complete the rating, review and review title
  2. Certify that you wrote the review correctly
  3. If you don't have an account on Trustpilot and you want to remain anonymous, click on "Continue with email" then you can enter your email and choose your nickname

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FAQ Payment


Our payment provider Paypal has been offering for some time now a solution for customers based in the Netherlands to pay with iDeal. Unfortunately, this solution has been encountering a lot of difficulties.

Customers place orders, pay with iDeal, the order is never created on the website, the customer is debited and the seller never paid. The money is sent to a German IBAN which corresponds to PayPal Checkout GMBH. Fortunately, the customer is refunded by PayPal within a day. 

We have tried to contact PayPal to clarify the situation, but unfortunately we have not yet received any answer from them. One out of two payments with iDeal is affected and we prefer to suspend the service because we feel that the quality of the service does not meet our requirements. 

We will offer the service again when it is fully functional. If you know a merchant who uses the PayPal x iDeal service again, please let us know so that we can reactivate it.  

In the meantime, payment by Bank Transfer, Visa, Mastercard or PayPal remains available.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

To access your loyalty points, you will find a "My loyalty points" tab on your account. From this space you can convert your loyalty points into a voucher.

The points accumulated are valid for 90 days. Each 15€ represents 1 loyalty point and one loyalty point earns you 50 cents on all non-sale products.

To keep your loyalty points longer, you can convert them into a reduction voucher (valid for one year from the creation of this one). Note that discount vouchers cannot be accumulated when ordering.

We accept:

  • Bank card payments: Visa, Mastercard etc.
  • Paypal 
  • Bank transfers

No mention of diaper-minister on your bank account statement 

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FAQ Delivery


Yes, we deliver to Lativa, it should be available in our carrier selection.


We do not deliver with DHL, DHL Packstation is unfortunately not possible.

That might be possible with GLS Parcel shop.

We do shipping with GLS , there is an option for parcel shop with them.

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FAQ Products

Yes ! As we try to carry all Rearz brand products, it is expected that we will receive the Critter Caboose soon.

No, we will not offer such products.

But there are waterproof plastic pants for swimming pools. We offer the following reference on our shop:

Robin plastic panties

Yes, it is possible, provided the product is in stock.

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